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Research Tools

Research Tools

Using satellite images for the analysis of geographical or biological questions often requires dealing with physical or mathematical basic knowledge of remote sensing. And even if this groundwork has already been laid in, say, physics lessons, quite often the acquired knowledge needs reactivating.

Info Box

Our info box is a digital reference text on remote sensing and a valuable additional source of information for the pupils working on our learning modules. As you can choose between two levels of difficulty, our info box is easily accessible.


Picture Gallery


The picture gallery comprises fascinating satellite images. These spectacular images show structures and phenomena from the most diverse sections of the human-environment system. Here, you will come across volcanoes, oil spills, glaciers, high-speed rail systems, hurricanes, brown coal surface mining and much more.

Satellite Systems


Satellite Systems is an interactive introduction to the fascinating world of satellites: Microwaves in space? A tandem circling the earth?  Plants are observed with hyperspectral means? Which part plays the sun? The learning environment deals with four different satellites and their fields of application, ranging from weather observation to disaster management.


Find out more about remote sensing in our extensive collection of links leading to other informative websites concerned with earth observation. You can encounter lexica, satellite games, tutorials, teaching materials and further picture galleries.