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Our Info Box on Remote Sensing

Satellite images are not all the same. In our Info Box on remote sensing you can find out about the differences and you can also discover how to predict the weather and what is meant by a "bit".


Animations and illustrations help you understand the physical background of remote sensing. What is more, they also provide an easily accessible introduction to sensors such as radars, to the manifold methods of analysing digital images and to the fields of application of remote sensing.


You can choose between a beginner's and a more advanced version of the Info Box:


Info Box for Beginners

The beginner's version of the Info Box is primarily addressed to younger users. Here, you can find out more about the physical basics and the fascinating characteristics of remote sensing and satellite images.



Info Box for Professionals

The advanced version of the Info Box is addressed to users looking for more than just an overview. Here, you can find detailed information on electromagnetic processes, on sensors and methods of analysing digital images, as well as on the manifold fields of application of remote sensing.